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This site contains:
more than 5000 titles of Polish CDs + many West and East European titles unavailable, or very expensive, on the US and Canadian market. Our prices are the best, and don't simply believe it, compare us with others! Recently we started including DVDs into our catalogue

......... and we are really growing !!! 

check our new website with:  POLISH DVDs

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KASIA KOWALSKA -  Samotna w wielkim miescie BLUE CAFE - Demi-sec ANIA - W spodniach czy w sukience
BUDKA SUFLERA - Jest 40 Przebojów na 40-Lecie Trójki PIOTR FRONCZEWSKI - Franek Kimono
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MAREK GRECHUTA - Swiecie Nasz (15 CD box)
LABORATORIUM - Modern Penathlon
From the last minute:
a brand new album live by A.M.Jopek  with R.Bona, D.Youssef, M.Cinelu, K.Herdzin  and H.Mi¶kiewicz
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Najlepsza muzyka po polsku - 4CD box, compilation of best Polish radio hits from the 90's and 10's
Our deals and prices:
* Our CD variety & prices will really get you going!!!.....We have excellent specials: buy 10 CDs (priced at CAN $ 20 or more)  and get 1 free for up to CAN $20, (if paid by cash, cheque or money order).
* Our Polish CDs are priced between CAN $12.95 & $26.95 (the prices in US $ are between: $11.95 & $25.95 respectively) with only a few more expensive exceptions (plus shipping, no handling fees). These are the best prices on the Internet !!!
More new stuff - special editions:
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Czeslaw Niemen
the 2nd part of Niemen's antology. Thick 6CD special edition box -  digipacks
13CD box, from the legend of Polish rock of 80's,
Lady Pank
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A long awaited, complete anthology of Kabaret Starszych Panów,
5 CD box
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45 years of Piwnica Pod Baranami special
6CD box,
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